Miscellaneous and Out-of-Print Books

Economics on Trial coverEconomics on Trial
(Business One Irwin, c. 1991, 1993, $24.95)
A critique of modern-day economics, written for the intelligent layman. It introduces the principles of sound economics through a review of the top 10 textbooks in college economics.
La economia entela de juicio
(Addison-Wesley Iberoamericana, SA, c. 1994)
The Spanish translation of Economics on Trial.

Dissent on Keynes
(Praeger, c. 1992, $29.95)
A cogent and provocative compilation of papers that challenge and refute Keynesian economic thought, written by free-market economists such as Murray Rothbard, Roger Garrison, Bruce Bartlett and Mark Skousen.

Puzzles and Paradoxes in Economics coverPuzzles & Paradoxes in Economics
(Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., c. 1997, $24.95)
Co-authored with fellow Rollins College professor of economics, Kenna C. Taylor, the book attempts to explain 46 puzzles in economic life, such as why does bad economic news often cause stock prices to rise? Why do some grocery items such as catsup, peanut butter and tuna sell for more per ounce in larger sizes?
Austrian Economics for Investors coverAustrian Economics for Investors
(Pickering & Chatto Ltd., c. 1995, $9.95)
Ludwig von Mises goes to Wall Street. Applies the basic theories of the “Austrian” school to investing. Theories of the great Austrian economists highlighted.
Economics of a Pure Gold Standard coverEconomics of a Pure Gold Standard
(Foundation for Economic Education, c. 1997, $14.95)
Now in its third edition, this paperback thoughtfully makes the clear case for the gold standard as the best monetary system.
Mark Skousen's 30-Day Plan to Financial Independence coverMark Skousen’s 30-Day Plan to Financial Independence
(Regnery Publishing, c. 1995, $19.95)
Outlining a simple day-by-day formula for achieving financial independence, it includes information about how to invest and build wealth automatically, cut back on wasteful expenditures and get your financial house in order.
The Investor’s Bible: Mark Skousen’s Principles of Investment
(Phillips Publishing, $99.95 400-page coursebook)

For years, I taught two classes at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fl each semester. In the spring semester, I taught “Austrian Economics” and in the fall semester, “Principles of Investments.” My investments course has been published by Phillips Publishing Inc. The Investor’s Bible involves 21 lectures on all aspects of investing.

The Complete Guide to Financial Privacy coverComplete Guide to Financial Privacy
(Simon & Schuster, c. 1983)
Early in his career, Mark Skousen was known as “Mr. Privacy.” This book explains the principles behind leading a low-profile life, while teaching the investing and tax techniques that shelter finances and lives from government meddling.
Tax Free
(Simon & Schuster, c. 1982)
Techniques and methods for reducing taxes, maximizing legitimate deductions and exposing legal ways to get what you want without paying taxes.

Never Say Budget
(Skousen Publishing, Inc., c. 1983)
This books helps you get control of your finances without resorting to a “budget,” because budgets don’t work anyway. A step-by-step approach to handling money and building wealth without a restrictive, ineffective budget.

Playing the Price Controls Game
(Arlington House, c. 1977)
Although the economy is not plagued with price controls today, this book provides an understanding of the effects price controls have on the economy, stock market and personal finances.
Thunder Broke the Heavens
(Skousen Publishing, Inc., c. 1984)
A powerful biography of Mark’s father, Leroy B. Skousen, an FBI agent, lawyer, popular speaker and spiritual giant, who died early at the age of 46. A truly moving story.
Sunshine in the Soul
(Skousen Publishing, Inc., c. 1996)
A brief history of the growth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the state of Florida. Little-known and entertaining stories, as well as accounts of tragic persecution and overcoming adversity, make the Church history in Florida come alive.