FreedomFest is On Fire

You Don’t Want to Miss It!

Despite exorbitant gas and travel costs, despite a soft US economy, despite the fact that this should be a “down year,” people are signing up in record numbers to attend FreedomFest, to be held at Paris/Bally’s on the Las Vegas strip, July 10-12, 2008.
FreedomFest offers “Eight Great Debates in 2008,” a series of vigorous, unabashed debates on topics ranging from “War, Terrorism & Geo-Political Crisis: Is Religion the Solution or the Problem?” with Dinesh D’Souza vs. Christopher Hitchens to “Should We Adopt Single-Payer Universal Healthcare?” with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, and John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis, vs. Michael Perlman, professor at UC-Chico, and David Himmelstein, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Beyond debates in politics, sessions at FreedomFest will explore the concept of freedom in areas of science, technology, art, literature, the environment, business and investing.

FreedomFest is attracting the likes of Steve Forbes, Jeremy Siegel, Millard Fuller, Nick Gillespie, Ron Paul, David Boaz, Stephen Moore, Robert Spencer and many more, plus scores of people looking for real discussions of the important issues of the day.

Experts like Siegel, Forbes and Moore will come together for the World Economic Summit, a mini-conference within FreedomFest, to discuss the growing economic and financial crisis, including the plummeting value of the dollar, the skyrocketing costs of gas, the fear of an inflationary depression, an uneasy stock market and the very real China threat.

Plus, there’s a full investment conference to cover personal financial freedom over the entire three-day conference.

Sick of the political correctness and the media spin of the current election campaign? Come to FreedomFest for a dose of REAL debate on the issues that matter!

Please see for a complete lineup of speakers and topics.

Yours in liberty, AEIOU,
Mark Skousen

My Big Announcement at FreedomFest 2007

FreedomFest was an overall success, with over 1,000 paid attendees.  Several organizations joined us at the last minute including Koch Foundation, Acton Institute (to show their film “The Call of the Entrepreneur” — very impressive), Reason editor Nick Gillespie, and Richard Viguerie.  On Saturday, members of Governor Schwarzenegger team came to see FreedomFest and especially to hear John Mackey speak on “Conscious Capitalism.”

Our surveys showed that attendees were wealthy supporters of freedom and rated the conference highly with comments such as “off the charts” and “best conference I’ve ever attended.”

C-SPAN filmed several seasons at FreedomFest, so you might see it on Book TV and C-SPAN 1 from time to time.  (C-SPAN has already aired Congressman Ron Paul’s address at FreedomFest.)
The highlight was the Big Debate between Dinesh D’Souza/Larry Abraham (the conservatives) and Congressman Ron Paul/Doug Casey (the libertarians) on US foreign policy.  It was the BEST debate I’ve ever seen.  It was filmed for Book TV, so I hope you will see it soon.
On Saturday on 07-07-07 I made a “big announcement” (see below).  Please pass along to your friends.
Someday I hope to build an actual Museum of Free-Market Economics, perhaps in New York.  It was my intent to convert the old 35-room FEE mansion here in Irvington, New York, into a Museum when I became president of FEE, and name it after the founder Leonard E. Read.  But that was unworkable.  Now at least the Museum of Free-Market Economics is a “virtual” reality!

FreedomFest 2008 is scheduled for July 10-12, 2008, at Bally’s/Paris Resort. 7-11 in Vegas.  Hope you can make it.
In liberty, AEIOU,
Mark Skousen
Producer, FreedomFest
Free-Market Hall of Fame and Museum
Announced at FreedomFest 2007
July 7, 2007
Las Vegas (7-7-07):  Mark Skousen, producer of FreedomFest, announced today the creation of the Museum of Free-Market Economics and the Free-Market Hall of Fame. Both sites will be developed over the next few months on the website,
Freedom Fest is the world’s largest annual festival where “free minds meet” to celebrate “great books, great ideas, and great thinkers” in a liberal, open-minded society.  It is independent, non-partisan, and not affiliated with any organization or think tank.  The July 4-7, 2007 conference attracted over 1,000 attendees.
“It’s time we honored all the great teachers, writers, business leaders, legislators, and think tanks that have advanced the cause of liberty,” Skousen said on Saturday morning.
The election of individuals to the Free Market Hall of Fame will be announced annually and an induction ceremony will occur at each FreedomFest conference. The next FreedomFest will be held July 10-12, 2008, at Bally’s/Paris Resort in Las Vegas. The induction ceremony will honor five individuals each year, living or dead. A lecture on or by each honoree will take place during the 3-day conference.
Nominations for the Free-Market Hall of Fame are open to the public and can be made by anyone by going to Individuals can vote for or nominate individuals who they believe should be in the Free Market Hall of Fame. Write-ins are permitted.
The categories will include the following:
1. Academic economists
2. Journalists and writers
3. Business leaders
4. Legislators and government officials
5. Think tanks
A select group of economists and other free-market supporters will make the final decision and vote on upcoming Hall of Fame members.
The Museum of Free-Market Economics
The website will also include the Museum of Free-Market Economics. The Museum will include:
1. A short biography and pictures of each member of the Free-Market Hall of Fame, along with links to books and articles by or about these individuals.
2. The Story of Free-Market Economics, from ancient times to the present day, with chapters on Adam Smith, the classical economists, the Austrian and Chicago schools of free-market economics, written in an historical context.
3. A Free-Market Hall of Shame, highlighting the critics of free-market economics (such as Marx, Veblen, and Keynes).
4. A virtual bookstore of recommended free-market books.
5. A link to prominent market-friendly websites and think tanks.
For comments and suggestions on the Museum of Free-Market Economics and the Free-Market Hall of Fame, write to Ron Holland, Curator, at [email protected].FreedomFest will announce soon when the Museum and Hall of Fame website is up and running. To receive this announcement, sign up here:
Contact information:
Ron or Tami Holland
P. O. Box 1213
Mars Hill, North Carolina 28754

What’s the Big Idea, Mr. Skousen?

Personal Snapshots
Forecasts & Strategies
March 2002

“We live in a ‘knowledge economy’—either you gain new knowledge, or your business and your investments die!” — Peter Drucker, World’s #1 management guru

Peter Drucker is right. Either you grow in knowledge and opportunity, or you and your business die. Either you correctly foresee the future, or your old investment strategy fails. You must always be on the lookout for change, and how it will affect your business, your portfolio and your personal life. My, have we learned this lesson in the past year as stocks have floundered and gold has flourished.

Last month I started putting together the best minds I could think of and asked them to join me for an unprecedented “pow wow,” a three-day intensive program of ideas and strategies on economics, finance, public policy and personal philosophy for the future. Since Sept. 11, 2001, we have all recognized that we live in a much more dangerous world than we could imagine—the growing threats of terrorism, mismanagement, depression, bear markets and trade wars. What will the future bring?

Here are just a few of the experts coming to this historic event, the FEE National Convention & 30th Anniversary Celebration of Laissez Faire Books, scheduled for May 3–5 in Las Vegas:

  • Charles Murray, #1 expert on government policy and controversial author of Losing Ground and The Bell Curve, on “The Growing Power of the State in the War on Terrorism, Drugs and Illegal Aliens.”
  • Robert Poole Jr., founder of Reason magazine, on “Is Air Travel Really Safe?”
  • Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr., senior fellow at Heritage Foundation, on “The World Map of Economic Freedom—a Startling Revelation.” (You must see this unusual world map in person to appreciate its significance.)
  • Larry Abraham, author and editor of Insider Report, on “What Every Investor Must Know about the Middle East.”
  • Gary Hoover, author of Hoover’s Vision and entrepreneur extraordinaire (creator of Bookstop and Hoovers, Inc.), “The Right Stuff: What it Takes to Succeed in the 21st Century.” Gary will lead a special panel on newly developed management techniques.
  • Ben Stein, actor and social conservative, on “Why Bashing Big Business is Big Business in Hollywood.” He will give us an inside look into the dangers and opportunities in the entertainment world.
  • Congressman Ron Paul on “Danger Ahead: The Way Congress Really Works.”
  • Mike Ketcher, editor of The Financial Privacy Report, will lead a special panel on “How to Protect Your Assets and Privacy in this New Age of Big Government.”
  • Dinesh D’Souza, author of The Virtue of Prosperity and a Hoover Senior Fellow (and FEE spokesman on campus), on “Why They Hate Us.” This is a speech you won’t want to miss.
  • Madsen Pirie, president of the Adam Smith Institute and a privatization consultant to numerous governments around the world, on “The Outlook for Global Capitalism in a Terrorist World.”
  • Louis James, editor of, on “How to Spread Your Cause on the Internet.”
  • My brother, Joel Skousen, expert on geo-politics, bio-terrorism and survival techniques, “A Principled Approach to Liberty,” and “How to Survive the New World of Terrorism.”
  • Other speakers include: Richard Ebeling from Hillsdale College in Michigan, Parth Shah from India, Doug Casey from New Zealand and Manuel Ayau from Guatemala.

“Big Idea” to be Announced

Finally, I plan to take this opportunity to announce a blockbuster idea that will revolutionize the freedom movement, and maybe even stop the growth of government in its tracks. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear this “big idea” and how it will be implemented—with your help!

Last Chance for “Early Bird Special”

This the last month to take advantage of the “early bird special” at only $175 per person, $99 per student. After March 31, the price goes up to $225. This price includes everything: the Friday pre-conference FEE Course on Sound Money and Free Markets, the cocktail reception and speech by Ben Stein, all the sessions on Saturday and Sunday, entrance into the exhibit hall, and the Saturday night banquet & 30th anniversary celebration of Laissez Faire Books.

How You Can Change the Lives of Hundreds of Students

This is a conference for adults as well as students. If you would like to provide financial assistance to students, please buy a patron table at either the silver, gold or platinum level (call Tami Holland for specific benefits at each level; or go to the website). The FEE National Convention is sponsored by Reason Foundation, Young America’s Foundation, Hillsdale College, Heritage Foundation, Leadership Institute, and dozens of other top-ranked think tanks and colleges. See you in Las Vegas!

FEE Convention + Vegas Money Show = Big Payoff!

Personal Snapshots
Forecasts & Strategies
February 2002

“Skousen’s course on executive economics was ranked the #1 course we have ever had at the Learning Center.”— Wayne Fortun, president, Hutchinson Technology

Included in this issue is a brochure for the first FEE National Convention, which is scheduled for May 3–5, directly before the Las Vegas Money Show. I strongly urge you to attend this intellectual feast. In particular, I recommend you come early for the FEE Course on Sound Money and Free Markets, an executive economics course I teach, set for all day Friday at Bally’s in Las Vegas. This FEE course has changed people’s lives, and it could change yours. I’ve given this course before managers at Hutchinson Technology (HTCH, $22.67), and have been invited back six times! In this one-day course, you will learn:

  • How the economy really works
  • Seven popular economic myths since September 11
  • Will the Fed panic again? How to understand the mysteries of money and central banking, and how Greenspan & Co. can affect your business and your investment portfolio
  • Why Social Security and Medicare can’t work,” and why you must plan for alternatives to these government programs
  • The global battle for economic freedom and how it will affect your business and personal life

But this is only the beginning. On Friday evening, you’ll enjoy a sumptuous cocktail party and hear Ben Stein, actor, author and game show host, talk about “Why Bashing Capitalism Is Big Business in Hollywood.” Stein is one of the few social conservatives in Hollywood.

Beginning Saturday morning and running throughout the day and into half a day on Sunday, you will enjoy an unforgettable educational experience choosing from over 30 scholars in history, philosophy, economics, finance, business management and public policy. Hear Charles Murray, author of Losing Ground and The Bell Curve; Stephen Moore, president of Club for Growth and author of It’s Getting Better All the Time; and Dinesh D’Souza, author of The Virtue of Prosperity. Gary North, editor of Remnant Review, will speak on “The Most Dangerous Philosopher of Modern Times (You KANT be serious, Gary!),” and Robert Poole Jr., founder of Reason magazine, will address the question, “Can you really fly safely when the government is in charge?”

We are also planning sessions on “business strategies for libertarians and conservatives,” with Gary Hoover, founder of Hoovers, Inc., and other top CEOs who believe in the free market. There will be debates and panels.

On Saturday evening, we are planning a fantastic banquet, where we will hear from several distinguished speakers, including Nathaniel Branden, author of the classic The Psychology of Self-Esteem, as we honor Andrea Rich, who for the past 20 years managed Laissez Faire Books.

For full details, including online registration information, go to, or call Tami Holland at 888/565-8779, or e-mail her at [email protected] You can also call FEE directly at 800/960-4FEE, ext. 209.

NOTE: This conference is now FreedomFest. See for more information.

Announcing the First Leonard E. Read Book Award

I’m pleased to announce that Ken Schoolland, professor of economics and political science at Hawaii Pacific University, is the recipient of the first Leonard E. Read Book Award for Excellence in Economic Education for his insightful and entertaining satire, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey. The award is named after the founder of FEE. This is a very funny little book that teaches the basic principles of liberty. I urge you to buy a copy, available from Laissez Faire Books, 800/326-0996, or, for only $14.95 plus S&H. See why it has already been translated into 20 languages! Schoolland is a modern-day Jonathan Swift and Frederic Bastiat combined.

Schoolland will receive the award at the FEE national convention in May—$2,000 plus a 1-ounce American Eagle gold coin minted in 2001.