Mark Skousen’s Family and Famous Relatives

Mark Skousen is part of an extensive family. The third oldest of 11 children, he also has many cousins and famous relatives sharing his Danish ancestry.

He continued the tradition of a large family with his wife, Jo Ann Skousen, who he married in 1973.

Mark and Jo Ann have raised five children of their own — Valerie, Tim, Lesley, Todd and Hayley. Each of their children have been taught the principles of savings, thrift, hard work and free-market economics as they have grown up performing family chores and receiving allowances as part of the family income. There were always opportunities to earn extra money through doing extra work, and opportunities to save through their own investment accounts.

Famous Relatives

Benjamin Franklin, considered the grandfather of America, is Mark Skousen’s eighth great-grandfather. A profound writer and philosopher, a successful publisher and brilliant diplomat, Franklin gave this country its first public library, bifocals and Franklin stove. He was the “inventor” of electricity through his kite and key experiment with lightning.

He was the first Postmaster General, an ambassador to France and a delegate to the Congress that adopted the Declaration of Independence. He was the writer of “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” the first financial guru, and author of his famous autobiography.

Mark Skousen has compiled and edited the completed Franklin autobiography, The Compleated Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin, all in Franklin’s own words, and The Wit and Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. Skousen has given speeches, appearing as the famed Founding Father and presenting the keynote address at the USPS 300th Anniversary Celebration and First Day Ceremony at Constitution Hall in Philadelphia.

W. Cleon Skousen was Mark Skousen’s uncle. During his life, Cleon Skousen was an FBI agent, the police chief of Salt Lake City and a full professor at Brigham Young University. Cleon was the head of his own organization, The Freeman Institute (now called the National Center for Constitutional Studies) since the late 1960s. There’s no doubt he was the greatest defender of the Constitution of his day.

He was a prolific writer, great speaker and spiritual giant to all who know him. Some of his books include The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist, The Miracle of America and many books on the Old Testament.

His work in The 5000 Year Leap has regained recognition recently from Fox News’ Glenn Beck and the 9-12 Project. See

Sadly, W. Cleon Skousen passed away in Salt Lake City in January, 2006.

National Center for Constitutional Studies
P.O. Box 30776
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Royal Skousen is Mark Skousen’s oldest brother. A professor of English language and linguistics at Brigham Young University, Royal has done important work in two major areas. The first is his development of a theory of analogy that accounts for how people learn and use language. He has published two books in this area: Analogical Modeling of Language and Analogy and Structure.

The second major area is his work on the critical text of the Book of Mormon, which compares the original manuscript and the printer’s manuscript with 20 editions of the Book of Mormon (from 1830 to 1981).

Royal Skousen
Professor of English Language and Linguistics
2054 JKHB, College of Humanities
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602

Joel Skousen is Mark Skousen’s older brother. He is a political scientist, by training, specializing in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory, and is also a designer of high security residences and retreats.

During the 1980s he served as the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee and as the Executive Editor of Conservative Digest. Joel Skousen speaks on a variety of topics and is the author of several books, including Essential Principles for the Conservation of Liberty and The Survival Home Manual–Architectural Design, Construction and Remodeling of Self-Sufficient Residences and Retreats.

Joel Skousen Designs
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K. Fred Skousen is Mark Skousen’s cousin. He holds the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Chair of Management and is Dean of the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. He has been a consultant to the Financial Executive Research Foundation, the Controller General of the United States, the Federal Trade Commission and to several large companies.

Fred Skousen, Ph.D., CPA, is the author of more than 50 articles, research reports and books, including: An Introduction to the SEC, Intermediate Accounting, Accounting: Concepts and Applications and Financial Accounting.

K. Fred Skousen
Dean of the Marriott School of Management
Brigham Young University
730 N. Eldon Tanner Bldg.
P.O. Box 23113
Provo, UT 84602