CATO INSTITUTE POLICY FORUM: “GO Beyond GDP: What Really Drives the Economy?”

We hear constantly that consumer spending is 70% of GDP and that consumer spending drives the economy.  Our government often sets policies and spends taxpayer money in order to increase consumer spending in a misguided attempt to stimulate the economy.

However, what if these assumptions are wrong?  What if there is something other than GDP that is a better indicator of economic growth?

To get the answer to these questions and to find out what really drives the economy, we must GO Beyond GDP.

Join Mark Skousen, Steve Forbes and George Gilder, on May 13, 2016 for a “GO Beyond GDP: What Really Drives the Economy?” policy forum at the CATO Institute in Washington, DC to discover the real driver behind economic growth.

While you can watch the event online via live streaming, being there in person is a much better experience. You get a complimentary lunch, you get to meet all three panelists in person and you can get autographs of their latest books.

To attend in person, follow the link below to register:

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