Huge Response to Our Latest FreedomFest Promo

 Dear FreedomFest Friends,

We’re getting a huge response to our announcement that John Stossel is bring his #1 Fox Business show to FreedomFest, with hundreds of attendees signing up so far.

And that’s just the beginning of what the Washington Post calls “the greatest libertarian show on earth.”

One of the reasons people keep coming back to FreedomFest is to enjoy our unique panels and debates you won’t find at any other conference. Here’s 11 new events for this year’s show, all in keeping with our theme this year “Are We Rome?”

1. A special joint luncheon with the two founders of the supply-side revolution: Steve Moore, the Wall Street Journal’s most influential economist,and Art Laffer, inventor of the Laffer curve, will be speaking on and signing their new book (just released days before FreedomFest) Progressive Failure,” all about the dangerous course the West is taking by adopting a deficit-ridden, bloated big government, easy-money policies. 

2. Having just returned from the Bahamas for our Global Summit, I was fascinated with this week’s Economist magazine’s cover story on tax havens, “The Missing $20 Trillion: How to Stop Companies and People Dodging Tax.” We will debate the subject with two of the finest experts, Dan Mitchell (Cato) vs. Jim Henry (Tax Justice Network) on “Tax Havens, Good or Bad?”

3. Who are the Modern-day Gladiators? Athletes and sporting events like the Superbowl and the World Cup are the modern-day equivalent of the circuses and games of Rome. We’re organizing a top-notch panel of experts to discuss the good, bad and ugly of culture of sport, including: J. C. Bradbury, Kennesaw State professor and the country’s foremost sports economist; Bill Jenkinson, baseball’s premier historian and author of “Ultimate Power: Ranking the All-Time Greatest Distance Home Run Hitters”; and Marc Lichtenfeld, a financial writer for the Oxford Club who is an experienced boxing referee. Are sports the alternative to war? (To paragraph Keynes, “better that a man tyrannize over his favorite sports team than his fellow man.”) Come to this session!

4. For all those hungry investors out there, we’re putting together an incredible panel of financial gurus for our “Libertarian Hedge Fund Panel” with none other than legendary commodity guru Jim Rogers (former partner with George Soros), Donald Smith and Cliff Asness (two highly successful hedge fund managers in New York), and Steve Forbes as moderator.

5. University of Hawaii Professor Jim Marsh is a free-market economist who thinks that Paul Krugman has made significant contributions to economics. So I’ve put together a debate with Barron’s economics editor and major critic Gene Epstein on “Krugmania: Good or Bad for America?” Not to be missed!

6. Financial guru and “international man” Douglas R. Casey and Harry Veryser, professor at University of Detroit-Mercy and devote Catholic scholar, will face on “Did Christianity Cause the Fall of Rome?”

7. Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine and columnist for Scientific American, will debate Australian microbiologist Michael Denton (author of “Nature’s Destiny” and “Evolution in Crisis”) on the hot topic, “The Origin and Evolution of Life: Is Galapagos a Detour?”

8. We are organizing some great panels, such as: “Austrian economics for Investors” with Peter Schiff, and Robert Blumen; “Libertarian CEOs Panel” with John Allison (BB&T), Raj Sisodia (co-author with John Mackey “Conscious Capitalism”), and representative of Koch’s “Market-Based Management” (TBA).

9. I’m also excited about our panel “Radical New Ways to Educate” with Daniel Greenberg, founder of the revolutionary Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts, where students have complete freedom to create their own curriculum (they are not even forced to take any classes!); Lori Bossy, who has a masters degree in education and is the director of the top Montessori school in Las Vegas; and Jo Thoburn, president of the Fairfax Christian School, the most successful Christian school in the country.

10. Florida State’s Jim Gwartney and Randy Holcombe will lead a session on “The Decline in Economic Freedom in America: Are We On the Path to Rome?” and a debate on “Democracy and Liberty: Friend or Foe?” in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 17th amendment (direct election of senators). Is democracy compatible with liberty or in conflict with liberty?   Jim Gwartney is also organizing a session with Tawni Ferrarini, senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, on “Common Sense Economics for Life: A Revelutionary New Tool for Teachers and Students.”

11. Lately I’ve been reading the best book on the subject, “We Are All Romans,” by Carl Richard, professor of history at University of Louisiana. He’s the most knowledgeable expert on Roman history, philosophy, and literature I know. He has agreed to come to FreedomFest and speak on the timely subject, “What the American Founders Learned from the Roman Empire.” He will also be part of our panel/debate, “Are We Rome?”

We are also working on our popular mock “Republican Party on Trial” for this year….as well as panels on the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve and the income tax. Stay tuned for more exciting programs at FreedomFest 2013.

And don’t forget to watch our 2/12 min. video preview, “Are We Rome?” See it here: We’ve getting rave reviews for this video.


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Note: We also have reserved a room block for us for only $129 a night (considering that every room at Caesars is like a suite, this is a bargain). Sign up today!

We’re also adding details soon about luncheons, breakfasts, special events, and our gala Saturday night banquet.

See you in Vegas in July!

Yours for peace, prosperity and liberty, AEIOU,



Mark Skousen
Producer, FreedomFest
“The world’s largest gathering of free minds”
July 10-13, 2103, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

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