“Making of Modern Economics” Translated into Polish!

I spent time with the “Anti-Bernanke” Polish central banker Les Balcerowicz when I visited Poland in June at the invitation of Jan Fijor, who has published several of my books in Polish.

Along these lines, I’m happy to announce that the Polish edition of “The Making of Modern Economics” has just been published.

“The Making of Modern Economics” has been translated into five languages — Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Mongolian and now Polish. The book won the Library’s Choice Book Award, and it is rapidly becoming the #1 book to explain the history of economics on college campuses. My book tells the story of the great economic thinkers from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman, including important chapters on Marx and Keynes. John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods Market) likes it so much he’s read it three times! For more information on this popular book on the history of economic thought, see the “Making of Modern Economics” page.

If you’d like a copy, call Eagle Publishing, 1-800/211-7661 and mention code ECONP3 for the paperback version ($29.95 plus $5 S&H), or code ECONH3 for the hardcover book ($49.95 plus $5 S&H).

I also have several copies of the beautifully designed Spanish or Polish translation if you would like to buy one. The price is only $29.95, plus $5 S&H. To order, call Eagle, 1-800/211-7661. To order the Spanish-language book, mention code ECONHS and to order the Polish-language book, mention code ECONHP.

This would make a wonderful holiday gift for any student, history-buff, investor or business person.

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