Introducing the Social Security Pledge!

I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new charitable initiative, the Social Security Pledge. This project encourages wealthier Americans, those for whom retirement is possible without Social Security payments, to donate their monthly payments to a favorite charity or cause. By donating these payments monthly, there can be a significant contribution to good causes, making a big difference in society.

Please see all about the project, including the beginning of a growing list of Americans who can and have taken the Social Security Pledge, at the Social Security Pledge website.

You can also see my recent interview on Wall St. for Main St. where I announce the Social Security Pledge.

Yours in liberty, AEIOU,


  1. Joey says

    Your article says Obama’s “first budget slightly reduced government spending, after the dramatic rise in 2009 (17.5% increase), due to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the financial crisis”. How so?
    His first budget would be in 2009. He was President that year. If that was the spending levels in 2009, that would be his first budget, not Bush’s budget. It’s not the previous year and TARP was enacted in 2008.

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