FreedomFest Conference

FreedomFest is an annual non-partisan libertarian conference held every July in Las Vegas. (   In 2013, over 2500 people attended FreedomFest.  Mark Skousen founded the conference in 2002 while president of the Foundation for Economic Education.

Billed as the “world’s largest libertarian gathering” by The Washington Post, FreedomFest brings together major think tanks, non-profit organizations, businesses, authors, philosophers, and speakers to discuss issues of liberty and personal freedom as they relate to politics, economics, investments and finances, science and technology, history, health and nutrition, art and literature, philosophy and much more. The conference offers general sessions, debates, panels, speakers, roundtables, and break-out sessions, as well as a full three-day investment conference. FreedomFest is also home to the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival, the only film festival dedicated to filmmakers who create short and full-length documentaries and narrative films based on libertarian themes. (

The FreedomFest conference theme for 2014 is “Is Big Brother Here?” See the 2 ½ preview video here:

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