FreedomFestFreedomFest is an annual festival where “free minds meet” to celebrate “great books, great ideas, and great thinkers” in an open-minded society.  It is independent, non-partisan, and not affiliated with any organization or think tank.

Founded and produced by Mark Skousen since 2002, FreedomFest invites the “best and the brightest” from around the world to talk, strategize, socialize, and celebrate liberty.  FreedomFest is open to all and is purely egalitarian, where speakers, attendees, and exhibitors are treated as equals.

“The Best & the Brightest” Meet Annually
in the World’s Most Libertarian City

Since its inception in 2007, FreedomFest has met in Las Vegas, the world’s most libertarian city.  Where else can you see a great show, eat at a five-star restaurant, visit a museum, enjoy the entertainment, or see the lights and sounds of the world’s freest resorts and casinos after a long day of intellectual learning and debate? This year, we are changing the scenery and heading to the Rapid City, SD, in the shadows of Mount Rushmore.

Who should attend FreedomFest?  It’s open to anyone who enjoys a wide interest in books, art, music, film, and drama in all topics, including science, philosophy, economics, health, sports, technology, business, religion, law, and politics. FreedomFest attracts people of all walks of life and across the political spectrum to learn, debate and honor great  books, great ideas, and great thinkers.

Never a Dull Moment:  Here’s Why

If you have never attended FreedomFest, you are in for a treat.  FreedomFest is an intense three days.  It’s different from any conference you have ever attended.  Have you been to a seminar where you were bored by the speaker?

Well, there’s never a dull moment at FreedomFest, because we offer multiple sessions simultaneously, including discussions and debates about philosophy and history; arts and entertainment; public policy and geo-politics; science and technology; economics and finance; law and religion. (For those who wish to attend more than one session at a time, we tape all forums and workshops and made them available for sale during the festival.  We sell a lot of audio CDs and DVDs!)

We have separate forums on philosophy, science and technology, art and entertainment, economics, geo-politics, finance, and literature, among others.  There’s a debate room, where a new hot topic is debated every hour, general sessions where we hear world-renown experts, and a special one-hour time where we hear 6-7 “bright new stars”–up and coming scholars who have something to contribute.  No other conference in the world offers these opportunities.

We also host the popular Anthem Libertarian Film Festival, directed by Jo Ann Skousen, which offers a selection of short and full-length documentaries and narrative films, all with a libertarian-theme or perspective. See the Anthem website for the latest winners and selections.

We’re Always Looking for New Talent

In fact, if you would like to speak at this year’s FreedomFest, let us know right away.  We are always open to new experts who have something to contribute.  Email Matt Day, our Director of Programming & Speaker Liaison and Agenda Logistics, at [email protected].

You will love our exhibit hall, which will contain a wide variety of organizations and companies that will interest the curious and the knowledgeable, including a giant official bookstore.

The Buzz About FreedomFest

Since starting FreedomFest, we’ve received numerous compliments for creating this unique event, and suggestions on how to improve the next festival.  After the first FreedomFest, noted author and philosopher Nathaniel Branden told the audience, “I feel an electricity here I have not felt in years.” And Alex Green, director of the Oxford Club, recently told me, “I still consider FreedomFest the best conference I have ever attended.” And John Mackey, founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, told me, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The producer of C-SPAN Book TV has filmed FreedomFest every year, telling us she loves the format and looks forward to the next festival.

We hope you will join it too. For more on FreedomFest, or to register for this year’s conference, visit

In liberty, AEIOU,

Mark Skousen

Valerie Durham
Executive Director & Conference Planning, Marketing