By Mark Skousen

I’m pleased to announce that the Journal of Private Enterprise has issued its latest volume (Winter 2015 issue) in honor of Roger Garrison, long-time friend and professor of economics at Auburn University:  http://journal.apee.org/index.php/Category:Winter_2015 


Roger Garrison visiting Mark Skousen at his home in New York (with the Totem Pole of Economics in the background).

The festschrift, based on a session I organized at last year’s Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) meetings, contains four articles:

Robert F. Mulligan, “Roger W. Garrison and the Integration of Austrian and Mainstream Macroeconomics.” 

Adrian Ravier and Nicolas Cachanosky, “Fiscal Policy in Capital-Based Macroeconomics with Idle Resources” 

Mark Skousen, “Linking Austrian and Keynesian Economics:  A Variation of a Theme” (this is my first refereed paper on Gross Output, the new national statistic the federal government is now publishing quarterly along with GDP). 

Peter Boettke and Candela Rosolino, “Finding the ‘Middle Ground’ in Academia:  Important Lessons from Roger Garrison in Austrian Economics.”

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