Announcing My Latest Breakthrough Book – “A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street”

I’m very proud to announce the publication of my latest book, “A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street: Austrian Economics for Investors,” published by Laissez Faire Books. See the letter from LFB publisher Jeffery Tucker below, and check out all the details of the book here.

Dear Readers:

The central message of the Austrian school of economics, writes Mark Skousen in this new and wide-ranging book, is that economics is about human beings. That outlook has direct implications for financial markets and personal investing. And this is why the Austrian school has had a huge impact Wall Street.

A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street, then, is a tutorial on both economics and investment that sheds new light on both fields.

Consider the opening metaphor of the dance. This is the image that Skousen uses to illustrate the direction of prices in financial markets. It is not random, but neither is it entirely scripted. There is a great deal of improvisation and uncertainty. But what makes it all work is that great institution of the mutual benefit of buying and selling. This is what makes markets dance.

Economics and investing are the two fields that Skousen has followed closely during his long career. This book weaves the two together to show how you can use good economics to anticipate market turns. But just as importantly, it shows how you can use investing knowledge to understand economics.

You can download the e-book here.


  • What Is the Austrian School?
  • Carl Menger: Subjectivism and the Marginal Revolution
  • Eugen Böhm-Bawerk: Saving, Interest Rates, and the Theory of Capital
  • Friedrich von Wieser: The “Great Man” Theory
  • Ludwig von Mises: Human Action
  • Friedrich Hayek: The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle
  • Schumpeter and Creative Destruction
  • Kirzner and the Discovery Process
  • Murray Rothbard and the “Hard-Money Movement”
  • The 2008 Financial Crisis: Austrian Response to the Chicago School of Milton Friedman
  • Murray Rothbard As Investment Advisor
  • What Every Investor Should Know About Austrian Economics and the Hard-Money Movement
  • The Economist As Investment Advisor
  • Keynes As a Speculator
  • Who Predicted the 1929 Crash?
  • Financial Economics
  • A Tale of Two Dollars
  • Austrian Economics: Newsletters, Books, and Services

We hope you enjoy this wonderful book, and thank you for being a member of the Laissez Faire Club!


Jeffrey Tucker


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