Happy Fourth of July…

…What We Have to Celebrate and The Trial of the Century!

We are expecting over 2000 people to come to this year’s FreedomFest. Come join us! You can sign up at Bally’s Events Center in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening 6-8 pm, or come early for my pre-conference “EconoPower” seminar. Register at (866)266-5101 or at www.freedomfest.com.

And you don’t want to miss our Trial of the Century when we put free-market economics on trial…you’ll never guess the line-up we have for the judge, prosecuting attorney and defense lawyer, not to mention the star witnesses!

Las Vegas Mayor the Honorable Oscar Goodman as THE JUDGE
Stephen Moore, WSJ Editorial Board, as THE DEFENSE
Jeff Madrick, Emmy-Award Winning Economist, as THE PROSECUTION
STAR WITNESSES: Steve Forbes, Publisher, Forbes Magazine; Charles Gasparino, #1 Wall Street Reporter on CNBC; John Mackey, CEO, Whole Food Market; Doug Casey, Chairman, Casey Research Advisory.

I got this email from Australian friend Ron Mann today: “FreedomFest is developing into the most effective international free-market gathering and you have me wondering why I spend so much time at ‘lesser events’.”

Either we hang (out) in Vegas, or we all hang separately, to paraphrase Ben Franklin. Our financial freedoms and our financial assets are at stake.

Keep up-to-date about FreedomFest on www.twitter.com @TheFreedomFest or on Facebook!

More details about the conference at www.freedomfest.com.

In liberty, AEIOU,



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