Wit and Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin

As an eighth generation descendant of Benjamin Franklin, and as two men who carry much of the same philosophies of freedom, intellectualism, money and practicality, it shouldn’t be surprising that Mark Skousen appears at this American Investors Symposium luncheon as Old Ben himself.

Conducing an experiment equally as memorable as the “kite-and-key” experiment tried by Ben some 200 years before, Mark Skousen gets the crowd into a little “foolery,” just along the lines of his great-grandfather’s sayings.

Check back soon to view a short video clip!


  1. Avatar says

    Mark, I just watch your presentation on the Wit and Wisdom book on Cspan and enjoyed your presentation skills and personality.
    In this respect, since you live in nearby Westchester County, I wonder if you would be willing to make a book review and sales presentation sometime next fall to the above Lifetime Learners Institute at Norwalk CT, Communuty College. Although we have over 800 members, I can guarantee at almost 100 interested members that would be interested in hearing you talk about Ben Franklin.

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