Interview with Rush Limbaugh

Showing off waist lines after Rush had dropped 40 pounds!

I guess my dinner conversation with Rush Limbaugh early in 1998 had quite an impression on the radio talk host celebrity.

During dinner we discussed a variety of economic and political topics, including the Clinton legacy. I told Rush I thought Clinton’s biggest achievement would be the privatization of Social Security.

Needless to say, Rush thought I was crazy. Clinton? Known for privatizing anything?

On the following Monday, Rush talked about our conversation on his radio program, referring to me as “a financial guru from Orlando” and scoffing at my prediction.

But low and behold, I have been vindicated by Rush. In a recent broadcast, Rush again mentioned me (this time as a “financial planner from Orlando.”) It seems that some of the Clinton administration have suggested the privatization of Social Security (like it’s a brand-new concept) could solve the New Deal program’s woes.

Rush’s response? “I guess that guy from Orlando has something there.”

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