Interview with Louis Rukeyser

Louis Rukeyser Guest Panel and Celebrating The Retirement Letter’s 25th Anniversary

Lou and I share a laugh over Elaine Garzarelli’s “bullish indicators”

I was a guest panelist on the Louis Rukeyser panel celebrating the 20th anniversary of the InterShow Money Show at Walt Disney World, Florida. The event took place on Saturday evening, February 7, and the other panelists were George Roche, president of Hillsdale College, Charles T. Maxwell, investment manager at Loewenbaum & Co., and Don Rowe, investment newsletter adviser.

Before the panel began, Lou spoke and told a funny story about Elaine Garzarelli, the financial guru. Lou noted that Elaine was famous for being bullish about the stock market and would always being her interviews by saying, “Lou, my indicators have never been more bullish…” Once at a conference before a live audience, Lou said she showed up late on a panel and so, while waiting , Lou said to the audience he was sure she would begin, “Lou, my indicators have never been more bullish…” When she appeared, Lou asked her where she thought the market was headed. Sure enough, her reply began, “Lou, my indicators have never been more bullish…” She wondered why the audience laughed.

After his speech, Lou came over and began his panel. When he came to me, he asked, “So, Mark, where do you think this market is headed?” I replied, “Lou, my indicators have never been more bullish…”

Meeting with Willard Scott at The Retirement Letter 25th Anniversary Celebration

After the Rukeyser panel, I joined Tom Phillips and Pete Dickinson to celebrate 25 years of The Retirement Letter, Tom’s first financial newsletter that he published. (Forecasts & Strategies was second–we celebrated our 20th year in 1999.)

Poking fun of Willard’s “propensity to consume” at The Retirement Letter anniversary dinner

Willard Scott, the famous weatherman on the Today Show, appeared as the celebrity host and told jokes about his age and his financial escapades. I sat next to him at the dinner and we reminisced about living in Washington in the 1970s and 1980s.

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