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Gross Output

GO Confirms a Slow-Growth Economy as We Enter 2019

Washington, DC (Friday, April 19, 2019): Today the federal government released gross output (GO) for the 4th quarter 2018, and the increase (2.3% in real terms) confirmed a slow-growth economy as we enter a new year. For the entire year of 2018, real GO grew … [Read More...]

Adam Smith


By Mark Skousen Presidential Fellow, Chapman University mskousen@chapman.edu (This paper is an expanded version of the first Adam Smith Lecture presented on September 24, 2018, at the Panmure House, Edinburgh, Scotland, sponsored by the Edinburgh School … [Read More...]

If GDP Lags, Watch the Economy GO

‘Gross output’ reflects the full value of the supply chain, and it portends much faster growth. Reprinted from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.  By Mark Skousen The Bureau of Economic Analysis will release its preliminary first-quarter growth figure on … [Read More...]


FreedomFest Fun Activities

In addition to all the great debates, presentation and hundreds of vendors in our exhibit hall.  there are many other activities to occupy your time and challenge your intellect.               One … [Read More...]